AnaMary Bilbao (PT/ES) born in Sintra (Lisbon, Portugal) in 1986

Bilbao is one of the nominees for FLAD Drawing Award (1st Ed., 2021). In 2019 she was nominated for the 13th Edition of EDP Foundation’s New Artists Award (Portugal), she was one of the recipients of a grant from FCT (from Oct. 2015 and until Oct. 2019), which enabled her to do research field in Johannesburg (South Africa) in 2018, and also to be a researcher in the department of Film, Media and Cultural Studies at Birkbeck - University of London (United Kingdom) during 2018 and 2019.

AnaMary Bilbao started working mainly with drawing and with a particular interest in the repetition of the same plastic procedures, testing the «visual equivalent of the ratio between remembrance and forgetfulness.» (Ana Cachola, 2013) From 2016 onwards she begins to work with old negatives and photos that she finds in flea markets. Intervening directly on these surfaces, the final images usually comprise «a double gesture of erasure and creation». (Bruno Marchand, 2018)
Currently, she articulates documentation from different sources (photography, drawing, sound, moving image). Her work has been showing a growing interest in literature, making reference to names like Louis Auguste Blanqui, Arthur Rimbaud or Georges Bataille, among others. Through the combination of these elements and references, the work seeks to start fictional narratives that put into question the idea of a single truth. As the artist states, «the gap that allows the space for doubt is the open space from where everything can emerge, because there is no truth beforehand, only connections, interruptions, and incompleteness - a piece can never end in itself.» (A.M.B., 2019)

Her work has been recently exhibited at MAAT – The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (Lisbon), Opening Arco Madrid (Madrid), Zé dos Bois Gallery / Novo Negócio (Lisbon), Leal Rios Foundation (Lisbon), PLMJ Foundation (Lisbon), Toronto Convention Centre (Toronto), MACE - Museum of Contemporary Art (Elvas), Boavista Gallery - EGEAC (Lisbon), Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art (Lisbon), among others.

Currently lives and works in Lisbon.

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